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“Tropic Star”, two words that rhyme with underwater elegance and bring us back to the Golden Age of Dive Watches, the 1960s.

Reproducing pigskin grain on a perforated rubber strap sure was a brilliant idea.

Today, we bring back its shape and good looks in a rich grained calfskin leather that allows you to spruce up your favorite watches, while preserving the sporty look we all love when summer comes around.


  • Leather : Grained Calfskin Leather
  • Making : Rolled-edge without stitching
  • Length of long piece : 11 cm
  • Length of short piece : 7 cm
  • Width : 20 mm at the lugs, 14 mm at the buckle
  • Made In France
  • Suitable for wrists between 15.5 cm and 21cm



Unique Summery Shades

While you certainly can’t go wrong with Classic Black, the Star 69 Straps also come in two other bold colors, rare nowadays, and yet so particularly charming.

To celebrate this long-awaited summer, we brought back two very unique shades: Vintage Gold and Dark Teal. Both colors are timeless, yet hold within them an undeniable hint of nostalgia.


Specific Design & Make

Our grained calfskin Star 69 Straps were designed & made to be impressively thin (2.2mm).

Built with a rolled edged with no extra-stitching, the Star 69 succeeds in keeping the sporty look of the original strap while preserving the presence of an already tapered design.

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