Because we understand a product much better when we know the people behind it.

Jerome Burgert

Jérôme Burgert

Constantly looking for balance, proportions and meaning, well beyond the objects that give the time, he holds the artistic direction of the project. His watch culture and his keen eye gave shape, in every detail, to the design of our first watch.

Gabriel Vachette

Gabriel Vachette

Entrepreneur and a Communications man, he has more than ten years of media and production experience from the watch industry. He is both the orchestra conductor who brings everyone to work together and the chief architect who allows our house to prosper.


David Gagnebin

An experienced watch designer and production manager for more than 20 years, it is with him that this project has taken a tangible form. In contact with different suppliers from Switzerland, he has found technical solutions to our creative needs.


Matt Hranek

Photographer and renowned author, friend and first ambassador, it is by his side that this idea was born. It is by expressing the desire for and pointing out the absence of a sturdy, waterproof, and elegant watch we can take anywhere, that we all set to work.