The answers to the obvious questions you may be asking yourself.

  • Why not a launch on Kickstarter ?

    Kickstarter is a platform that helped finance various interesting things, including watches, but also a whole bunch of other things, not that interesting.

    As we truly strove to create something different here, we simply chose to go a different way.

  • Why pre-orders without any discount?

    Because we have been struggling for more than a year to keep this watch on the more affordable side of watchmaking. Its price could have been set much higher, but we sure cannot afford to make it any lower.

  • Who’s behind Serica Watches?

    Watchmaking professionals, friends and passionate people. A few words about us here.

  • Do I need to pay taxes when receiving my watch?

    This actually depends on your geographical location. If you live within the EU (Schengen), you will automatically buy your watch in EUR, VAT incl.

    You will have nothing else to pay when you receive your watch. If on the other hand, you reside overseas, you will be able to order your watch in either EUR or USD, VAT excl.

    Taxes will have to be paid directly to your local post office upon delivery.

  • Where are the watches manufactured?

    In Switzerland.  For a watch to bear the “Swiss Made” label, 60% of its value must come from components made within Swiss borders. Product development and technical drawings also have to be done in the country of cheese with holes in it.

    We are far past these criteria. But more importantly, this means that every single watch produced will be assembled, verified and tested by skilled watchmakers in Switzerland before being shipped to you.

    This is still the best way to make love last.

    And that’s what we bet on.