At SERICA, we strongly believe that:

« Knowledge nurtures a true form of appreciation of things »

Our watches are no exception.

For those of you eager to learn a thing or two about SERICA Watches, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you a few facts that should give you a better understanding of why and how we do it.


The SERICA W.W.W. was born to be this desirable, resistant and waterproof watch that will follow you literally anywhere.

Its design is purely purpose-driven, giving the watch excellent readability in any situation. In broad daylight just as much as in a pitch black night.

The name SERICA comes from an ancient region on the silk road once considered to be the edge of the world. It’s people have long disappeared.

The SERICA is built to be waterproof. The sapphire crystal is mounted inside the case and the bezel clipped on top of it. Its crown and case-back are screw-down.

Our choice to go with a sapphire crystal is just as much purpose-driven as the design itself : hard to break but scratch resistant. This choice also enabled us to shape the double-dome we wanted, giving the SERICA W.W.W its warmth and harmonious design.

The hand-wound mechanical movement is associated with a screw-down crown. Just as seen on the first Rolex Oyster watches, this is still the best way to guarantee long lasting water-resistance.

The spring bars are specifically designed to be used with drilled lugs. It brings extreme reliability and still makes changing your strap easier than ever.

The size of 37,7mm, combined with masculine features and short lugs make the SERICA W.W.W a watch that wraps nicely around small wrist but still packs the presence of a true sports watch on bigger wrists.

Besides its movement, every single component of the SERICA W.W.W. has been designed in-house to the 10th of a millimeter. This includes the hand-drawn font used for the Arabic numeral of the hour markers.

The various engravings on the case-back remain off-centered. A deliberate choice to give the possibility to make it truly personal by adding your own initials or meaningful marking.

After all, it has been designed to be by your side for years to come.

And hopefully to live on to the next generation.